Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Welcome to the first post of my new blog...Vegan Taste Test! As of early February, I became a vegan, after many, many years as a vegetarian. Because of this, there are many vegan foods, products and recipes that I have not tried yet! So I have decided to become a guinea pig of sorts (why are guinea pigs referred to in this manner? I must google that question....) and try new vegan prepackaged products and rate them on my scale: how kid-friendly is it (I have two vegetarian/almost vegan kids, ages 3 and 7), how adult-friendly is it (my tastes are pretty average, yet somewhat daring) and how well does the product rate with my meat-eating husband. I am also going to rate the vegan recipes I make...some from cookbooks, some from other websites and blogs that I read daily, some I make up on my own (be scared). I don't want to limit my taste testing to food products alone, so I will also rate cruelty-free cleaning, hygiene and cosmetic products on occasion....and maybe some of those cool vegan boots I keep checking out online.
Now, keep in mind, I am in no way an expert or a university-trained taste tester. I am merely your average (within reason) stay at home mom who likes a variety of foods, and am willing to go the distance and try as many vegan products as I can. I will be extremely honest, and hopefully a bit humorous, in my reports. If you have suggestions on any products or recipes you would like to me try, please feel free to shoot me a comment. I can't guarantee I will make/buy/try everything requested, but I will make a concerted effort!
Have a good day, and come back again tomorrow to see which product I have tried!

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