Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Reliving my youth

(Ugly Betty...not me!)

So, um, yeah...I got braces last week. I have issues about having braces in my 30's. My teeth hurt like the dickens and I can't eat crunchy/chewy/anything remotely solid food yet. So, I am not cooking much. Just eating black beans and rice, applesauce, peanut butter by the spoonful, and lots of vegan ice cream.

I had braces wayyyy back when I was 17. I hated them then, and I still hate them now. I didn't get braces to straighten my teeth, but to help correct my horrendous TMJ problems. The orthodontist is moving my teeth around to correct my bite, in hopes that I will no longer suffer from joint problems. Fingers crossed that this works, because I am sick of yawning and having my jaw deviate out of the socket, with lots and lots of pain. No fun. I did wear a splint for a few months prior to getting the beloved braces, and that helped immensely. This is phase two of treatment.

Going back to school and getting braces....I feel like I am reliving my youth, but I just hope that this time I am not nearly as pissy as I was when I was a teenager.

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