Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Reliving my youth

(Ugly Betty...not me!)

So, um, yeah...I got braces last week. I have issues about having braces in my 30's. My teeth hurt like the dickens and I can't eat crunchy/chewy/anything remotely solid food yet. So, I am not cooking much. Just eating black beans and rice, applesauce, peanut butter by the spoonful, and lots of vegan ice cream.

I had braces wayyyy back when I was 17. I hated them then, and I still hate them now. I didn't get braces to straighten my teeth, but to help correct my horrendous TMJ problems. The orthodontist is moving my teeth around to correct my bite, in hopes that I will no longer suffer from joint problems. Fingers crossed that this works, because I am sick of yawning and having my jaw deviate out of the socket, with lots and lots of pain. No fun. I did wear a splint for a few months prior to getting the beloved braces, and that helped immensely. This is phase two of treatment.

Going back to school and getting braces....I feel like I am reliving my youth, but I just hope that this time I am not nearly as pissy as I was when I was a teenager.

I would kind of like to have braces…!! I wore braces when I was around 18, but never wore my retainer afterwards and I now still have a bit of a gap in my teeth and some wonkiness :) I liked my braces …not sure why! Just think how much better you will feel (and look!) when you get them off!! By the way have you seen America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) without the specs and braces? She’s gorgeous!
I hope the braces work their magic on you with all problems solved. In the mean time, enjoy the best excuse ever to eat endless vegan ice cream!
I hope the braces work and you feel better soon! I've never had braces, but I've had all sorts of dental trauma, so I know how you feel! I totally second the motion that you take this time to indulge in all the soft, gooey foods you want to!

We all have our return to the past/ugly Betty days, so we're rooting for you!
Sorry about your dental issues and pain. I totally relate. I hope this time around works for you. I may have to get a splint and/or braces. How long do you have to have yours?
Hi Brooke,
sorry to hear about your TMJ issues, and the pain that the new braces are giving you. I sure hope that it helps bring you some relief from the bigger issues though. In the meantime, good luck with the mushy foods.
I'm happy to see a post from you.. I love your blog!
Wow, you're a brave girlie, braces twice! I have needed 'em thru my life but i'm very afraid... i'm so impressed with you doing it again, Brooke, and hope that this will finally end any of your problems with your mouth and jaw. *HUGS*
ouch. i remember my time in braces as well --- it wasn't fun but it fixed my TMJ. best of luck... just keep thinking how wonderful things will be in a yr. or two... and of all the ice cream you can eat!
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Eek sorry about the braces :/ I've got a few friends that have braces and they all hate them. Though I am glad to know I'm not the only person who has TMJ problems! Anytime I yawn my jaw pops out of the joint and gets stuck and it is painful!!! I also can't talk if I'm laying down (like watching TV or doing sit-ups and my mom asks me something), the bone pops out and I can't fix it, it also makes it really hard to breath until I pop it back in. My dentist has never mentioned getting braces for it though...
How's it going there, Brooke? I miss your posts...
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