Saturday, May 06, 2006

Fantastic Burrito!

May 3rd was my 33rd birthday, and since that fell on a Wednesday, we decided to celebrate the event by going out tonight (Saturday) to my favorite vegan restaurant Green. I want to be totally hungry when we get there, as I plan on eating as many items as I can stuff into my face. And that is a lot. Therefore, I wanted to make a lunch that would keep me satisfied until dinner time, and not graze on my usual snacky pantry items (ClifZ bars, peanuts, the jellybeans I told myself to stay away from, etc.). I figured I would make something that had a lot of fiber and protein to keep my full, and still taste like yummy....hence, the Fantastic Burrito! (cue the trumpets!)

I love almost all of Fantastic Foods products, they are tasty and always work in a pinch. Easy, nutritious and they have a reliable list on the side of the box that tells you if it is vegan/vegetarian/kosher/etc. I like that. So I cooked up half a box of the Taco Filling, heated up a can of Bearitos refriend black beans, and chopped up some lettuce, avocado and some vegan American cheese. The Taco Filling is so easy to prepare, it takes less than 5 minutes, and really comes close to resembling actual beefy taco filling. It has a slight spiciness, so I think this would work for everyone, even kids who don't like spice.

The refried beans in a can always give me the creeps when I first open it up and dump it into the pan, as it looks and smells like canned dog food to me. But once it started warming up, it is less dog-food-ish. Once the main ingredients are sufficiently warmed, I plopped it all in a warm tortilla and smothered it in mild taco sauce. I don't like to make my burritos too full since I have a small mouth (go ahead, insert jokes here______), I don't like it when I bite the edge and because it is too big, the insides shoot out of the end of the tortilla and flop on the plate. Notice I used my neato pink bowling plate for serving. I have an addiction to quirky plates.

I added a handful of red grapes to my lunch, mainly because my 7-year old kept picking them off the vine and scooting them over to my plate. I guess I needed some grapes today! I think this burrito will keep me full until tonight, with the tons of fiber (5 g. in the beans, 4 g. in the filling, per serving) and protein (7 g. in the beans, 12 g. in the filling, per serving). Don't forget the grapes!

8 peas (out of 10)

I didn't feed this to my kids, so no kid rating.

The meat-eater-meter:
He's had the Taco Filling before, and gives it 8 peas. A good choice for everyone!

Hello! I got to this site via a link on veganlunchcast! I think we are the same person! I have been a vegetarian for over 10 years and am attempting veganism now. I have two kids (17 months and 7 years--the seven year old is pretty picky so I can relate to your situation) and both are vegetarian as well as the husband (none of them are vegan). I am loving that you are trying all of these things and am looking forward to reading your future posts!

Oh.. and I am a Veganlunchbox addict and have ben meaning to try those little blueberry pies.

Love your blog!
flyoverveggie, those blueberry pies are totally addictive! I've made them twice since that post, and I even made the full pie size a few days ago. I have had pie for every meal. Yummm!
You will have to let me know if you try any of my taste-tested products, and how your family rates them!

Ok, I'm sorry I'm commenting so much, this is my first visit and I really like your blog.

I just had to add that I heard about Green back in early March when they opened (I already knew Damon from "That's a Wrap" in Phx) and I decided to go to Green on my birthday for the very first time in late March. We went tonight, and we make it a weekly event.
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