Monday, May 22, 2006

Gaping Hole in the Ground!

No food. Still staring at pool-like canyon in backyard!
(Okay, I have been eating, just nothing interesting enough to post. I did eat an entire bag of Bearitos Organic no-oil microwave popcorn with melted Earth Balance in one sitting though. Shame on me. Shame shame.)

Here is the pre-pool hole:

I give the pool-hole a measly 2 peas for taunting me on a daily basis.

:) i love popcorn :)
where are you? did you fall into the hole?
Ha! No, did not fall into the gaping cavern, but have been out of the house quite a bit...I do have a post about Larabars coming up as soon as I upload my pics...thanks for checking up on me!! Does anyone know what happened to Kenny from Vegan Lunchcast?
I was wondering the same thing.....I emailed him on Friday last week, wondering if he was okay? but I've not heard back.

I hope everyhting is all right.
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