Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's a Nate's Night!

Tonight, Claren (the eat-everything kid) wanted meatless meatball sub sandwiches, so I popped open a bag of Nate's Meatless Meatballs in Classic Flavor. I totally snagged the idea for this sandwich from a May 23rd post on this blog. And just as Jennifer says, they ARE spooky good. I also bought a bag of Chicken Style Meatless Nuggets also by Nate's, which I had never tried before, but figured that since the meatballs were so good, the chicken nuggets would be too. I put a few in the oven for Aislyn (the picky one), who did not want a sub, and a few more for me and Claren to taste test, as I simmered the meatballs in some marinara sauce.

Here is Claren enjoying her sub sandwich. She looks grumpy, but is actually quite overjoyed at the delicious-ness of her food. She is such a good little eater (except when she chews her carrots for 30 minutes before she decides to swallow them....that drives me nutty!).

Here is an artistic photo of the chicken style nuggets, which you may have noticed are not shaped anything like the other nuggets we have purchased...but I guess if they named them "Chicken Style Balls", well, that would be just too creepy. I really just wanted to show off my cute little bunny platter. Isn't it adorable???

This is Aislyn being dramatic about her first bite of her nugget. This is how she looks each time we try something new. And yes, it is annoying. She also has developed a strange and somewhat Darth Vader-ish sound that eminates from the back of her mouth when she eats, thanks to the new expander and bands that the orthodontist put in a few weeks ago. The sound is like a sink disposal mating with a vacuum. It's not pleasant.

This is her after a few bites, and after adding some ketchup to dip it in. She decided she liked them, but not enough to eat the rest of them. Sheesh. Note the farm placemat: Now, this is probably not a good vegan placemat, but I assure you the farm animals depicted are not raised for food consumption and are very well cared for! I only buy happy non-food farm animal pictures!!! Hee hee.

Claren and I liked the chicken nuggets, but they do need to be dipped in a sauce or added to marinara like the meatballs. And boy do they look meaty when you cut them open, they are stringy just like real chicken, which may or may not be off-putting, depending on your view of vegan food.

Now, I have a serious question to post. I have been vegan since early February, and I did it mainly for animal rights reasons. I have always been an extremely sensitive person, so I am not surprised at how personally I take it when I see other people consume meat. I have learned so so so much in the last few months about animal cruelty/factory farms/etc., and I have really become so very sad and angry at the rest of the world about the lack of compassion to animals. I recently read an article called I'm so vegan it hurts, and I really relate to how hard it is to deal with the meat-eating, milk-drinking population. But, the problem is that I have had some serious issues lately with my husband, who is totally and unabashedly omnivorous. He is a wonderful man, extremely supportive of my veganism, and never has any ill intent. His heart is full of love, but I don't think he is ready (or may never be) to make the change. Now, I have been wondering what a relationship like ours will go through in the future....I am the one who changed. I am the one who has made an entire life shift, as we all know that veganism is a lifestyle, not just what we eat or don't eat. It encompasses everything we do and think about...what we wear, what we shampoo our hair with, what to eat, what companies to buy from, what stores and restaurants we choose to patronize, what entertainment we seek out...and for many vegans, who we socialize with. Now, since I am the one who changed, and he has stayed the same, does this mean an eventual end to our relationship? I am willing to do anything to keep our relationship intact, but I need guidance and advice from those vegans out there that have gone through this. How do we stay sane? How do you stay happily married to a meat-eater? I am searching for balance in my life, and the strength to not let my veganism get in the way of relationships. Guide me, oh blog-o-sphere!

WOW, honey. It really IS like we are soul sisters. I've had that same question on my mind and heart for months now. My husband is so OMNIVOUROUS. He hunts, he fishes, he eats things that make me want to vomit. Literally. I've had such a hard time lately keeping my big mouth shut about my opinions and what I think of the way he eats. I am entitled to share those opinions, and I do. with my kids. they know everything about where their food came from, and quite honestly, it affects thier decisions. I only wish it would affect his. That look on your daughters face is the EXACT look my daughter (7) gives when I ask her to just take ONE bite. It's like human torture.

Here's what I do know. I know that we married em' for better or for worse. And maybe this is one of those times when it's worse. I guess my only "advice" (as if i'm qualified to give it) is to just take it a day at a time. I know its' never a good idea to debate about lifestyle choices, especially when one of them is so close to the heart. we've gone round and round about veganism, and i've just accepted the fact that i may never win. I just can't watch him eat. :)

I asked DH if we could have a house rule about something. He's been pretty agreeable with it (only because he only lives here 3 days a week ;)) I will not buy meat. none. I buy a quart of organic milk, and 1 dozen cage free eggs. That's it. That's as far outside the vegan cirle I'm willing to go. And if we're out for a meal, they can order whatever they want. Most of the time, it's nothing different than they would have at home. And my son has taken a liking to veggie burgers, so 9 times out of ten, he'll order that if it's available.

Whew, I'm rambling here. Just know you aren't alone. (((Hugs)))
also, (because the first ramble wasn't enuf), i think it puts a new dimension to your relationship (or rather, a lack of a dimension...) I don't know if you have always been veggie, but I haven't. And one thing we used to share a love for was food. Carnivorous food. Ignorance is BLISS, and I think once you've decided to make the change, it can take away a dimension of a part of your relationship. I think you just have to find something to replace that dimension. A new somthin' somethin' to take the spot of the meat/dairy/ick. :)

i should just stop bugging you already, but I just found this book link and might try to check it out from the library. :) otay. no more bugging brooke.
VeganCyclist...thank you thank you thank you! It's good to know that I am not alone with my conflicted feelings. :-)
I have similiar issues 5-10 minutes away from you. They are getting better, I don't "preach" and he is slowly surprising me.
Have you visited They have some great articles and also a discussion forum where you can talk about this issue with other vegan wives.

Luckily, my husband and I went vegan together a few months after we moved in together (before we married) so I don't have that issue.
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