Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lazy filler post ahead!

I have been lazy and preoccupied the last few days, hence the lack of posting. We are in the process of putting in a pool, and I can't seem to tear myself away from staring lovingly at the huge, gaping pool-like hole in the ground. So much so, that I have been mainly snacking for my is wrong to eat a bowl of pistachios for dinner? I personally don't think so, but I don't think my kids find it fair that they are forced to eat their chik'n nuggets, peas, and applesauce while Mommy gets to munch on Uncle Eddie's molasses cookies all day. Mwahahahahaha. Ha.

Anyhoo, I made my one of my favorite breakfasts today, after gazing at the pool hole for two hours out the window. It's my fakin' bacon and peanut butter toast! Yes, I know, kind of a weird combo, but hey, I dig it. This meal is a throw-back to my youth, when my mom would cook up a batch of bacon and make either bacon and peanut butter toast or a peanut butter, bacon, lettuce and mayo sandwich. Ahhhh, sigh.

I truly adore the smoky tempeh strips by LightLife, they are mighty versatile and oh so delicious. They doesn't taste like bacon at all (to me, at least), but I really like the nuttiness of the tempeh and the smoky flavor. My younger daughter loves it when I make fakin' bacon, she says it's "really yummy, Mommy!". The OMNI hasn't tried it yet, but each time I cook it around him he makes the comment that it smells very good. Very authentically bacon-y!

It is nearing the end of the school year, which means I will hopefully be taste-testing and posting more often, because with two kids at home all day during the summer, I will need my usual escape mechanism....the computer room! (Wow, that totally makes me sound like a bad mom, but really, I'm very good. I just need my space. A lot of it.)

Note the plate of raspberries. See, I did eat something nutritious today!

No rating today. Too lazy. And I need to go look at the pool again.

i like the bacon strips too. they have a remnanty feeling of bacon and in between two pieces of toast, with tomatoes, lettuce, veganniase and no one died in the making of said sandwich, then it's alll right by me!

lucky. a pool? that's what i want. that and a kitchenaide.
First of all...peanutbutter and bacon!! I cannot imagine anything greater than that idea! I love bacon (real bacon then the morningstar bacon (vegetarian) and now the vegan Lightlife bacon! I used to live on cream cheese and bacon sandwiches--yes I have always been a health nut, I put it on whole wheat bread is that better? Anyway, I am going to look for the tempeh strips next time I go shopping. Thanks for the recomendation.

A swimming pool? How cool is that!! Post pics when it is done.

Finally, I tried the Seitan recipe from Vegan with a Vengence and it worked out pretty well! I think that adding all the liquid at once is key because once it started to form it would not take the liquid anymore. I just printed out the recipe you used for the wings and am going to try it this week.

How's the pool coming?? I remember those peanut b., mayo, bacon, lettuce sandwiches, too... I wish I had some tempeh strips, now! Mom is probably moaning incosolably somewhere at the thought of her daughters eating tempeh strips!.... *wrist-to-forehead* "Where did I go wrong with those two?"
Ack! That last sandwich idea is making me ill...

I also love the Fakin' Bacon. In fact, I've had three BLTs in the last 3 days!!!
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