Sunday, May 14, 2006

Seitan Buffalo Wings with Vegan Ranch Dip

I had a mishap a few weekends ago when I tried to make some homemade seitan using this recipe. It came out horribly, horribly wrong. I think my gluten dough was too wet when I added it to my simmering broth, and it kind of just fell apart slowly in the liquid. But I also had no idea what seitan was supposed to look, smell or taste like, since I had never had it before. I was a seitan virgin. I should have started out small, using this product I found in the refrigerator section of my local Sprouts store first, before embarking upon my version of homemade seitan.

So today, after a little internet searching, I found a good recipe for seitan buffalo wings. The last time I went to Green, we had the mock buffalo wings and they were mighty yummy, so I wanted to replicate them (although Chef Damon told me his mock chicken is actually freeze-dried mushroom stems!). I did as the recipe tells, and they turned out really great! I love the texture of the seitan, and the buffalo sauce was spicy enough to make us sweat (yes, the OMNI ate these!).

I also made a vegan ranch dip using Vegenaise, some dry ranch mix (McKormick's, I think, which was surprisingly vegan!!!) and a little plain soymilk to thin it out. I just eye-balled the amounts so I don't have an exact recipe for it. It was very very good, especially with carrots and celery.

Brooke-o-meter: (scale of 1-10 peas)
7.5 peas for the wings, 8 peas for the dip

No kid rating...too spicy, although they did eat the carrots!

7 peas for the wings, 7 peas for the dip

Ok.. Now I am worried. I bought Vital wheat gluton and all the other ingredients for the seitan this weekend (I have been on a cooking frenzy lately--this weekend alone I made the pumpkin muffins, the apple crumb top muffins, the chick pea broc casserole and the fresh corn fritter all from VWAV)and was planning to try it tonight. What do you think went wrong? How do I know if the dough is too wet? I will let you know how mine turns out if I actually get around to doing it! Keep up the good work on your blog..I love checking in.

Flyoverveggie, The best advice I can give you right now, since I have only attempted to make it once, and failed that you should eye-ball the amount of liquid you add to the vital gluten/nutritional flake mixture...add it in bit by bit. According to the recipe, you should be able to roll it out once it is mixed...but when I tried it just kinda oozed all over my cutting board and didn't stay in place. That lead me to believe I added too much liquid and the dough was too wet. But, hey, I dunno! Yes, please, let me know how it goes with you!
Good luck, and now I want to make some corn fritters and pumpkin muffins! Watch for them soon! :-)
I have eaten myself sick with those wings at Green. Oh, they are so good. Between that and the artichoke dip... It's only 9:15 and I'm starving now!

Those look great. What kind of a breading or sauce do you use to make them? I've never made them before.
OMG, we are like SOUL sisters. I'm laughing so hard at all your posts, cuz I GET your humor. No one gets mine, but we talk just the same! OMG. yay.

anyhoo, i'm going to do some 'spearamints with seitan this weekend. Yup. I wanna make buffalo wings just like that. I don't even miss the meat, just the sauce LOL
vegancyclist! HOWDY SOUL SISTAH! I am glad that someone finally gets my's about time! :-)

krispycheks, I used the recipe that I linked in my post, from breading is just flour, paprika, cayenne and salt. The sauce is also in the recipe, but I bet there are a few good bottled brands out there that are vegan (the recipe says that Texas Pete's hot sauce is vegan, maybe their buffalo sauce is as well?) These wings were really really good, I hope you try them! :-) And I wish I didn't live so dang far away from Green (about 40 minutes)..I crave it so much. Even my husband loves those wings, and he is a wing connoisseur (but the meaty kind)! He broke out in a massive sweat as he ate them...

oh, and i was going to ask, did your omni like it? my dh is an omni, but I do most of the cooking and I refuse to cook meat or use dairy, so he doesn't get much of it unless we're out. I told him about these, and he's excited to try them :)
VeganCyclist, yep, he did like them. He rated them a 7 (out of 10). He said he would definitely eat them again! :-) Woohoo!!
ohhh sooo must try that recipe!
There use to be a place in my old town that I used to live in years ago .. when I did eat meat and well they made the most kick a** hot wings ever and really if there was one thing I really miss it would be those..
keep trying to make seitan.. you can do it .. I know you can!
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