Saturday, May 13, 2006

Uncle Eddie's Vegan Molasses Cookies

These cookies should be outlawed. Made illegal. May the police come and take them away from me...they are making my butt gigantic!

A long time ago, when I was vegan for a few weeks back in college, I found Uncle Eddie's Vegan Cookies, and I was hooked. Those were good times. The Oatmeal Raisin cookies were (and still are) my go-to treat. But not too long ago, whilst shopping at my favorite Whole Foods store, I noticed there was a new flavor...MOLASSES! Now, I don't know how long this flavor has been out, but it was new to me! I was addicted to Paradise Bakery's Ginger Molasses cookies during the holiday season (but I think they have since put them on the regular cookie rotation), but had to give them up as I am pretty darn sure they aren't vegan (but don't quote me on that...I am just too lazy to check!). So, back to my story....I grabbed up a bag of these cookies, paid the cashier happily, and high-tailed it to my car. My car is my safety zone, where I can easily shove 12 cookies into my mouth without feeling guilty, and I don't really care about that guy in the next parking space staring at me. In actuality, I ate 3 cookies in a row, not 12, but I still think that says something about how frickin' good these cookies are. Oh, so so so good.

They are soft and fairly moist and have a smattering of raw sugar on top. There is even a nice hint of saltiness that is so yummy after indulging in the sweetness of the molasses-y goodness. Did I mention that I love these cookies yet? I think Uncle Eddie's needs to send me some coupons or something....

Oh, and these are really good when you smush some natural peanut butter in between two cookies and pop them into the freezer for a bit. Yum.

Brooke-o-meter (on a scale of 1-10 peas):
Ummm, can I go higher than 10 peas? 11? 25?

10 peas

10 peas

8 peas (he said he has to try them again to be sure...)

P.S. I couldn't find the company website (the one listed on their bag is invalid). You can find them at most Whole Foods and other health food/specialty stores, or google them to find a dealer. Food Fight has Uncle Eddie's, but no Molasses. Sorry!

Brooke, I'm not sure if you shop at Trader Joe's, but they sell vegan chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and trail mix cookies, and they are all Uncle Eddies, just reapackaged. They have them in the section where they have bread. My husband is addicted to the chocolate chip, where I'm more of a oatmeal girl myself. And, yes, the salt is perfect! I love that little bit of it in there, perfect! TJ's also carries products by Zen Bakery. They make muffins and cookies, but the yummiest are their cinnamon rolls. They are not only vegan, but they are sweetened with fruit juice so you can justify all the sugar needed to make Tofutti cream cheese frosting! Mmm.... I think I need to go to Joe's today!
krispycheks, I have only gone to TJ's on a few occasions, but I will hafta go again, if only for the cinnamon rolls! Hellllooooo cimma-nun rolls (just like my 3 year old says it!).

Going through your blog and I love it! I love these cookies more though (he he) they are my weakness! I *try* not to buy them and remind myself of the cost but I love trail mix. Whole Foods seems to be the best price in town, the co-op has them for a lot more and I saw Sprouts in Scottsdale (don't even ask my why I was there!) had them for a rediculous $5-something price.

I have tricked many people (non-vegs) with uncle eddie's cookies, just like I do all the time with my tofu chocolate mousse.
Ok im officially banning myself from these cookies. I have only known about them for a week and I have purchased like 5 bags. AHHHH. I'm done!
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