Monday, May 01, 2006

Vegan Beef Taquitos!

I love Mexican food. There, I said it. Love, love, love it. And when I decided to go vegan after many years of vegetarianism, I figured I would have to abandon my desire for Mexican food. What would my meals be like without cheesy goodness? So on one of my weekly jaunts to my favorite store, I came upon this product in the freezer case. It screamed my name....loudly!
I was so excited to try them, I immediately snatched up a box and sprinted towards the check-out lane.

And then I got home. I placed them in the freezer, kissing the box lightly and whispering sweet nothings into its side flap. Yes, my dears, I will eat you soon enough. But something strange came over me the next day....I got cold feet. I was actually scared to pop these into the oven, I think for fear that they would taste awful and I would have to resume my gloomy outlook on my desire for decent vegan Mexican fare. I waited. And waited. For weeks.

Until today, when I finally gave in. For a whole hour this afternoon, I opened and closed the freezer door, hoping to find something else to eat to satisfy my cravings, and each time these taquitos moved closer and closer to the freezer shelf edge, tempting me. Feeling beaten down and hopeless, I heated them up and prepared for the worst....

But wait! They are....GOOD! Really good! Even without the cheesy goodness! Especially paired with a medium spicy taco sauce! I am happy. Happy that I have found a good pre-packaged vegan taquito to quench my hunger for South-O'-the-Border yummies. Yay! They are crispy and lightly spicy, and don't taste too "faux beefy" (I don't like my food to taste too much like meat. Ewww.) The side items were a big pile of steamed petite peas and Apple Blackberry Sauce.

7 peas (out of 10)

Picky kid meter (the 7-year old):
Not a chance, Mom.

Good eater kid meter (the 3-year old):

The meat-eater-meter (The OMNI):
He hasn't tried them yet. Will post his reaction soon.


I HAVE to find these the next time I make it over the mountain to the big health food store in Asheville, NC.
what did the omni man thinK?
my dh is an omni, and is willing to try anythign. so maybe there is hope.
vegancyclist, I am ashamed to admit that I ate all of the taquitos before the OMNI had a chance at them....I guess that says something good about the product, but it also shows what a glutton I am! :-)
I will buy them again, and make sure I leave *at least* one for him to try.

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