Saturday, June 10, 2006

It's A Good Ting!

Why didn't someone tell me about Tings earlier?

I have been eating Fruity Booty and other Robert's snacks for quite a few years, and love them a lot. But I guess I just never saw Tings on the snack aisle. Too bad. All those wasted years not enjoying Tings!

After seeing a few people post about Tings over the past few days, and checking out the Ting testimonials at Vegan Essentials, I decided to track some down at Sprouts. Yay, they had them! Now, I am still unsure of my liking of nutritional yeast (but am coming around), so I was a little wary, even after reading that they taste just like Cheetos. When I opened the bag, wow there was a yeasty smell....uh oh, that can't be good. But I dove in nontheless. First bite: Hey, these are good! Second bite: Hey, these are really good! Third bite to the bottom of the bag: Hey, who put Cheetos in this bag?! These are fabulous!

Cheesey, crunchy, salty. Everything I love in a good snack product. Finger licking good, and there was no scary yellow-orange "cheese' residue on my fingers, unlike those pesky Cheeto things. And they are vegan! Woo Hoo!

Brooke-o-meter: 10 frickin' peas (on a scale of one to 10 peas)!

Meat-eater-meter: 7 peas, but only tried one small Ting. I guaranteed him that if he ate more than one, he would be licking the inside of the bag.

Picky-kid-meter: 10 peas.

Good-eater-kid-meter: 10 peas, but she needed a big drink with them...a lil' salty!

you are evil.
I agree! Apparently, my husband has been eating Tings for years, but I just discovered them a few weeks ago. I was blown away - I can't believe I never had them before!
i just bought some today, first time i've ever seen them in a store. i'll let you know what my kids think.
I discovered Ting's last weekend and posted about them on my blog. They are awesome!

I'll be checking your site often.

BTW - I totally agree on the vegan cookie thing. How cool is it to taste the batter without fear of getting sick?
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