Sunday, June 25, 2006

Kids in the Kitchen

Yesterday was hot (107 degress!) and fairly humid, the kids were restless, the parents....lethargic. We were bored and stuck in the house. What to do? Make cookies (because there is nothing smarter than turning on the oven on a hot day....brilliant!)!!! Once again, I did a little internet sleuthing and found a recipe for Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies here. I didn't use the walnuts or the optional flax seeds. The kidlings thought it sounded good, and I had a can of pumpkin I found on sale for $.60 (it wasn't expired, I promise!) in the pantry just calling my name. Off to the kitchen we went.

The recipe was pretty basic, which made it easy for me to incorporate the kids into the steps. Each kid got a turn dumping in the ingredients, and helped stir the dry, then wet, mixtures. Then they happily took turns making big wet cookie mounds on the baking sheets, and then promptly licking their fingers. It's nice when you can let your kids lick their fingers (bowls, mixer, spoons, etc.) without fear of salmonella from eggs. Yay vegans!

Here are the kidlings slowly adding the raisins into the wet by one. They are meticulous, yes indeed.

Mmmmm. Cookies.

Here is an indication of what good-eater-kid thought of the cookies!

After working in a hot kitchen with two kids, I figured I should cool us off with a tropical smoothie (frozen bananas, mangoes and peaches with coconut-pineapple juice). Delicious! Note my Marilyn Monroe glasses by Andy Warhol. Yes, I am cool, thank you very much!

Cookie rating:
Brooke-o-meter: 7 peas (I should have made something a little lighter. These cookies are yummy, but a little heavy. I bet these are perfect during the cooler months, with a big cup of vanilla soy milk or hot cocoa)

Picky-kid meter: 10 peas, but she would leave the raisins out next time.

Good-eater-kid meter: 10 peas. One big thumbs up!

Meat-eater-meter: hasn't tried them yet, unless he snuck some after I went to bed.

The cookies look great and that smoothie... that looks soo good (love the glasses)

You are brave to turn the oven on in that heat. I am so spoiled that I won't even cook if it's above 90.. (I don't have a/c)
Love the glasses!!!
I love that the oats in your cookies stayed whole with all the pumpkin. In the pumpkin cookies I make they tend to disolve in the batter.
Awww, that picture of Claren is ADORABLE!!! These cookies sounds yum~ tastic but seeing as how we live in Georgia ( JAW-JA ) and it is humid as crap, all I want for treats are popsicles and ice. Will try this in November!
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