Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Shepherd's Pie and Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

Today I found bugs in my flour. Normally I keep my flour in an airtight container in the pantry, but for some reason I kept the last batch of cake flour I used in it's original box. That was a dumb move...I went to make cupcakes today and found lots of buggy things crawling around inside the flour box. Heebie jeebies ensued. So, off to the grocery store for some more cake flour (and I hoped that would be all, since after taking notice of how much money I spent on food on the last credit card statement, I decided to reduce my spending by a lot. Or else my husband might dismember me and leave me out for the coyotes).

Well, I did buy one more thing today, and that was a frozen Amy's Shepherd's Pie. Now, I am not fond of too many prepackaged frozen dinners, but thought since I am a taste tester of sorts, I figured I should buy it and try it out. It sounded good, with mashed taters and lots of veggies packed inside.

Got home, made cupcakes using this chocolate raspberry cake recipe that I adore (thank you Susan! You are a goddess!), and promptly popped the shepherd's pie into the oven. I figured I should eat a dinner before devouring some cupcakes, to lessen my guilt. While the pie was cooking (45 minute cooking time...holy cow! For such a small pie! This better be good....), I frosted the cupcakes using a veganized version of the chocolate frosting recipe on the back of the Nestle cocoa box (Earth Balance for the butter, soy milk for the milk, etc.). I left a few cupcakes unfrosted so I could pipe a little bit of raspberry jam into the centers for a bonus treat before I frosted them.

Time to try the shepherd's pie! The mashed potatoes looked somewhat appealing on the top, so I dug in. Okay, the inside looked nothing like it does on the box, but I have come to expect that from packaged food. First bite: eh, pretty good. Subsequent bites were about the, pretty good. Adequate, I would say. I ended up eating most of the garbanzo beans and chunks of potato with the tater topping, and leaving the rest of the innards for the trash (and I hate wasting food!). Well, this left more room for the cupcakes, which was really my wish all along...more room for the chocolatey goodness!

Cupcakes=Brooke's butt just got bigger.

Shepherd's pie, 5 peas.
Cupcakes, 10 peas.

Shepherd's pie, 7 peas after a tiny, tiny taste
Cupcakes, 8.5 peas

Well, they barely ate their dinner, so no cupcakes for them. Oh, the looks of agony on their faces! Ha! And they were not interested in trying the shepherd's pie.

Thank you for trying that out for me ;) I 've been wondering all along about those amy's foods....I'm always leery of stuff out of the freezer case, 'specially vegan stuff, because it usually isn't the greatest. Turtle Mountain Soy Delicious is the one exception i've found. :LOL:
Have you ever tried Susan's Beet Cake??!?!? I made it yesterday, and it's the second time i've made it! WOW. it's so freaking good.
I enjoy reading your blog....I have almost officially decided to become a vegan, and a blog such as yours is certainly helping the process along. Thank you, oh..and the brownies look wonderful!
VeganCyclist, you know, some of Amy's products are really good...I love the cheeseless pizza, and before I went vegan I liked one of the whole meals...maybe it was the Country Dinner, with the mushroom and grain patty with gravy? I am having my sister, who is much more clever than I am in the kitchen, try to replicate a vegan version of it.

I will have to try the Beet Cake!

Lisa....welcome! I hope we can all help in the process...being vegan is so much easier now with all the blog and online recipes and support groups. Good luck! :-)
I like the pies, they're a good lunch when I'm out of my regular lunch items.
I like Amy's Breakfast Burritos (with some Sour Supreme) the best.

I don't know if you use a microwave, but if you make the pies in the microwave, they only take 3 minutes. (Way more manageable, especially on my lunch break!)

Living Vegan
Jenny, I am more of an oven kind of girl...microwaves are good in a pinch. I was just surprised it took that long in the oven for such a small pie. :-) I will have to try one of the breakfast burritos!

Wow Brooke-
I always knew you rocked, but now I'm convinced you rock the house!

This blog is definately going under my "bookmarks".
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