Friday, December 22, 2006

And the winner is.....and some blue whales.

We have a winner! Vivacious Vegan got my mystery picture exactly! It is indeed a drying rack for my cleaned plastic baggies. I came up with this idea after my husband got sick of me hanging my drying bags on anything that was upright near the sink...the faucet handle, the dish soap bottle, the is just a medium sized terracotta pot that I put some small decorative marbles in, added as many skinny dowels as I needed, and there you have it, and easy way to dry your bags in one place!

Now, I apologize for taking so long to post the winner, but since I have inherited my mother's genetic predisposition to freak out when company is coming...I got a bit distracted. This is the first time my parents are coming to see me since I have gone strict vegan, so I have been a bit worried I would be viewed as a crazy person. To combat the craziness, I cleaned every speck of my house just to make sure that at least they would think I was an exceptionally clean crazy person.

Anyhoo, here is a quick meal I made a few nights ago, before all the true craziness and mania set it. Trader Joe's marinated Teriyaki tofu (LOVE this stuff!) browned up with broccoli, carrots and peas, some teriyaki sauce and a bunch of sesame seeds. Delish.

And here are some vegan gingerbread cookies the kids and I made two nights ago. I decided we needed a variety of shapes beyond the basic gingerbread man form, so I dragged out the cutest cookie cutters we had. So we have cute holiday bunnies, whales, bears and trees. Once cooled, I smeared on a thin glaze of powdered sugar and water, then added a bunch of colored sugar. Not particularly festive in terms of the typical red and green color scheme, but hey, I have never been one to follow the rules much. Oh, and we ate all the bears before they had a chance to be decorated. Heh heh.

Well, I can pretty much guarantee that I won't post until after the holidays are over, until after I can mess up my house without stressing myself out, and until my children are off their holiday sugar-high. Until then, I hope you all have a great time with family and friends!

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Wooo hooooo!!! I'm so excited because I have yet to try vegan marshmallows.

Anyone have any good suggestions for recipes? That is if I don't eat them all straight out of the bag first.
Wow--I just dry my baggies unattractively over my appliances--and I hide them when company comes

Those cookies look like segments from a stained glass window.

Happy holidays!
you are too cute...and creative!!!!
Hi Brooke.

The only vegan restaurant in town is called Lovin' Spoonfuls. It's good food, though I find it a tad expensive. Guilin is also a really good Chinese restaurant and very vegan/vegetarian friendly, as well as having meat items. The Casbah is all vegetarian, with almost everything vegan. Indian Oven, Cuisine of India, Ghandi's, and Govinda's are all excellent Indian restaurants. Give me an email ( if you need addresses!
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