Saturday, December 09, 2006

I've changed! But in a good way, I promise.

My blog name has changed, and this suits me much better than that boring old name "Vegan Taste Test". Blah! As those that truly know me, I am very much a quirky person who really can be quite flippantly vague. I don't really know what that means, but it fits.

In this new and exciting blog, I hope to accomplish amusing my readers and innundating them with witty remarks, along with taking horrible pictures of my vegan food creations, and then expounding on my forays into public activism (i.e. stories of me on the street corner holding some kind of sign protesting virtually everything). I am also planning on writing a lot about my husband and his meat-eating ways, in hopes that he will (1) finally give in and join the vegan ranks or (2) start his own blog and write cutesy stories about living with a quirky vegan. I think choice number two is more likely than choice one at this point....

I hope those of you that actually read my original blog will come back and enjoy this new one. It has Pizazz! Drama! Romance! Pictures of cruelty-free food!

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Yay! I'm glad you're back. And I like the new name as well.

Have you been to the new co-op yet?
:::::::HAPPY DANCE!!!!:::::::
Brooke's Back. My sunday is complete!
LOVE your new name.
Glad you're back! I sure know what you mean about the blogger adiction though! It is nice to get away from the computer but right now it's so darn cold, I think I'll wait until spring to take a hiatus!!! :-)
My wish came true! I just wrote about you on my site and said I hoped you'd come back! Yay!
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