Wednesday, January 31, 2007

But I don't own an apron!

It's a rainy and cold day here in the desert, making for a perfect opportunity to join in on the Behind the Apron fun!

My name is Brooke, 33 years young. I live in Mesa, Arizona, the Valley of the Sun. My husband, John, and I moved here about 8 years ago after vacationing in Tucson and Phoenix for a family reunion while living in Tallahassee, FL. And now I can't wait to move far far away from here....

Anyhoo, we have two awesomely awesome kids, ages 4 and 7. We are a diverse family with totally different eating habits. It has been a challenge to create food that I think we all will like, and blogging and reading blogs has really helped me in that challenge.

I am an animal rights activist as well as an budding environmentalist (whatever that means...). I love to read, sell and buy on Ebay, teach myself to sew, cook (but hate to clean), and to constantly learn about animal issues. I am also a birth doula on the side, but haven't used that talent in about a year. I am looking to go to massage therapy school soon, and be just like my sister! (Hi Heather!) . I am involved in a few local animal rights issues, and protest as much as I can. I think my neighbors view me a the nutty vegan lady, but I am okay with that. Me and the kids in Luray Caverns, VA a few years ago.

My daughter and me at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum.

The latest picture of me. I seriously hate having my picture
taken. I am a total dork.

One day I will actually own a really cool apron. One day. :-)

*Edit to add: I would love to see a comment from everyone who checks my blog...come say hi!*

Hi Brooke! I don't own an apron either, although I should really look into getting one since I tend to be a bit messy. (and I'm with you - I hate to clean!)

Thanks for sharing your life and family with us - this Behind the Apron thing is fun!
P.S. I really like your shoes in that first pic. Care to share where you got them??
Hi! I've been trying to say that all morning, but blogger weouldn't let me. Nice to meet you from fellow vegan blogger. My cook behind the apron link is on my blog sidebar if you are interested.
kati: to be honest, i don't know where i got the shoes! they are well-worn and are now my outside shoes, so the inside tag is gone. sorry!

dori: blogger is giving me issues too! nice to meet you, and i will check out your behind the apron!
Nice to meet you, Brooke! That's funny that you don't own an apron--I own one but I never use it. It's actually left over from my waitressing days. I think I would consider myself a "budding environmentalist" too, though maybe you and I mean completely different things by that! Oh yeah, and I'm linking you--then I'll remember to drop by more often!
Hi Brooke,
Nice to meet you!
Nice "meeting" you, Brooke! I love your photos- you and your kids are sooo cute.
The world needs more nutty vegan ladies! Your commitment to animal rights and environmental causes is inspiring. And of course, I love checking out your recipes.
Hi Brooke!
Great photos!! Your comment totally cracked me up - I also hate to clean up after cooking! Hee hee. In fact, I've got a sink full of dirty dishes right now. Oops! It's great that you are participating in animal rights causes and environmental issues. What a neat role model you are for your cutie pies!
:) Amey
Hi Brooke...nice to "meet" you. And thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving lovely comments :) I own and wear an apron and I love cleaning...does that make me a little weird?!
Hi Brooke! You are such a cutie. So are your girls! What a nice family. You certainly keep yourself busy. Good luck with massage therapy!
I was lured over your blog by that little gnome :)

I love reading your post and your About Me page. I think we basically like the same kinds of books :)

Oh, and I don't have an apron either LOL
Hi Brooke! Nice to finally meet you. :) Your kids are so cute they must take after you. I think it takes a lot of courage to be an animal rights activist. There was a girl I met here in TN who wanted to become more "active" but no one wanted to join her except me so her efforts eventually sputtered away. I wish there were more people who cared. It'd be so awesomely awesome if you were my nutty vegan neighbor!
hello there, brooke! i am a blog checker who doesn't comment too often. i enjoy reading about your food and activism and preschool adventures, though, and it's nice of you to share pics of yourself and your family. thanks for stopping by my blog :) oh darn! there's that word verification thing! i always get it wrong at least two times!! here goes nothin' :)
Awesome, Brooke! You and your babies are adorable. :)

I wish I were the nutty vegan lady but am too shy and scared to let my nuttiness and veganism show! My husband is a nutty vegan grad student (perhaps someday nutty vegan professor?) so I guess we're OK for now. I'm currently quietly vegan and am OK with that. :)

PS Goodness! My word verification is like twelve letters long.
Peace and nice to see your face!
Yeah Brooke you and your girls are soo cute! Thanks for sharing all of that! It has been nice to read about every body..
Hey! Found you on the Behind the Apron list.. and you caught me when you asked for a comment from everyone that stopped by.
I haven't had a chance to look at the rest of your blog yet. Your kiddies look so cute, nice behind the apron.. I'll be looking back soon!
Nice to meet you! You shouldn't be camera-shy (love the pic of you behind the camera) and I think your hush puppy post is quite sad - they look so yummy!
I do have an apron - and like to annoy my wife with my take of the "naked chef" every so often.

Great to see your photo.
HI! I really enjoyed reading your behind the apron. We have lots in common -- I wish we lived closer so that we could go protest together! :o)
Brooke, you are SO cool. I really like your blog, and love your "nutty veg" moniker. We should all be so nutty. Nice to find out more about you. I'm sad to know you want out of Arizona... curious why you don't like it there. I've never been to Florida... is that the state you want to return to, to live in?
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