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My daughter's preschool teacher has redeemed herself to this vegan mama! After the cupcake incident (see post below), I was a little miffed, but had to remember that I am the first vegan most of these people have ever met. I guess I am special in that regard, and my food is special too. I think she only meant well, but just had a moment of poor judgment. A few days later she asked if I had any recipes for sugar cookies, since they will be making and decorating cookies as part of their Valentine's Day celebration. She wants everyone to be able to eat these cookies, so she wants to use a vegan recipe only....WOOT! So off I went to find the best vegan sugar cookie recipe EVER on the face of the planet, just to cement the fact into the non-vegan heads that COOKIES DON'T NEED EGGS! I did my usual googling (I love how this word has become a verb now!) and found a few recipes that sounded good, but one really stood out. I decided to test the recipe before I brought it to the teacher, just so I knew it would be kick-ass. And they truly were kick-ass! And no, I don't have any pictures of said cookies, mainly because I could not stop eating them. Thank goodness I halved the recipe or else I would still be at the gym on the elliptical machine trying to work off the cookie butt!

These cookies are a cross between sugar and shortbread cookies, which I like because you don't get the sugar jolt in your brain that occurs with those unmentionable grocery store cookies that come premade in a creepy tube (yes, I made those wayyy back in my dairy days...please don't hate me!). These are subtle and refined tasting, and oh so easy to use cookie cutters with. Perfect! I made big heart shaped cookies, and took a few to the teacher for final tasting...and she LOVED them, even without any colored sugar or icing on top.

So the moral of this story is......make these cookies and all will be good with the world. Or at least with one small preschool in Arizona.

(heart cookie cutter photo courtesy of

thanks so much for the link! im happy all is better with the teacher!
Ok, the teaher has officially redeemed herself!
Those cookies look seriously good.
Wow, glad to hear things are working out w/ your pre-school teacher. My daughter is on her second year of pre-school. She has dairy allergies - Its funny there are a few moms that go really out of their way to help accommodate Emma at snack time - asking for recipes or just checking w/ me. Other moms -not so much. We too, have a snack bag in the cupboard for Emma that she does use almost EVERDYDAY when the other kids have gogurt, string cheese, goldfish.. Whatever its usually dairy though.. And I too have cupcakes in the freezer for pre school birthdays
Sorry for the long post -
Wow, it is great that her teacher is asking questions and learning too.

The cookies sound wonderful and look so good on that other blog. I've got to file that recipe away!

Your blood orange recipes look impressive. You are very creative! I love blood oranges. I've got one for snack today at work.
muahaha, cookie butt! hey, if my butt was heart-shaped, I'm sure I'd make millions, just like J-Lo. ;p
Good to see the teacher is taking an interest. The cookies sound delish!
haha your "cookie butt" comment is very funny - and, unfortunately, very relatable! I'm glad the teacher is being won over. Sometimes all it takes is the perfect cookie for people to see the light. :)
Oh my gosh, why am I just now discovering your blog?
And ironically, someone called me a "Quirky Vegan" just this morning.. too funny.

I'll be back - everything looks insanely yummy!
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