Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Some days I hate being a human....

Big Buck Hunter

You obviously have not played the game.

Also, all animals in the game are made of tofu.

- Ryan
That's horrible. What kind of person would want to play a game like that?
Don't ya just love the added "critter" bonus? OMG - that's so sick and disgusting. Unfortunately, here in the south, it is not uncommon for me to pull up next to a truck and see it packed with ice and 4 little deer legs sticking up. Even worse, at the far end of my rural town, there's a deer processing plant and when it's deer season, they hang all the carcasses outside. It's really stomach churning.
I've had it with hunters. Our red, hunting state is contemplating a new way to hunt: they put a laser with a gun in the woods, and then a man in chicago can hunt from his desk. how sick is that?
Another thing, the wolves are being taken off the endangered species list, so what does my state do? They start selling tickets to kill wolves -- possibly for as low as $10 bucks. how sad! I wish there was more we could do! :-(
Thanks for the links, love the food!
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