Monday, February 05, 2007

Sunday, Sunday, SUNday!

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous outside, sunny and warm...a perfect day to take in some culture as well as enjoying the weather before it gets unbearably hot, which will happen all too soon. We decided to go to The Heard Museum in Phoenix to see the Hoop Dance Contest. What a fascinating competition it was, with such graceful, talented and agile dancers! My kids were in awe of all the amazing feats the dancers could perform with the hoops, and I was just flabbergasted on how they can spin around for 5 minutes straight without keeling over with dizziness.After a wonderful afternoon taking in the warm sunshine, it was time to race back home to watch the SuperBowl. I am normally the kind of wife that glares at her husband as he sits in front of the tv watching copius amounts of football all day, eating chips and growing a beer belly, but yesterday I actually felt a desire to watch an entire game of football. Maybe it has to do with Peyton Manning, maybe not. Who knows. Heh heh. I think I saw stars in John's eyes as I conversed in football-speak with him, and yelled at the tv during great plays. Don't get used to it, honey.

I also had an excuse to make horribly unhealthy snacky food! Yippee! John got to eat his favorite swiss cheese fondue with veggies, apples and fresh bread (hey, at least he gets excited about eating caulifower!), while I made roasted curry flowers, agave barbeque fried seitan, buffalo seitan wings and fried artichoke hearts with a dill vegenaise dip. I was wallowing in fried, oily goodness! I was hoping John would share some of my food, but since he ate an entire fondue pot full of gooey cheese, he was a bit too full, so I had to eat it all by myself. And now I think I gained 5 pounds. Crap!I don't have a good picture of the buffalo wings, sorry! But they were excellent. I think I like the cauliflower and the bbq seitan the best, though. I don't think I will make the fried artichokes stomach is turning at the thought of them right now. They absorb wayyyy too much oil as they are frying, even after considerable draining on paper towels, and were mushy in the middle. I did add some vegan parmesan to the coating mix, and eliminated the egg. Still not the greatest recipe ever.

Here's some food porn from last week:Tofutti cream cheese alfredo with sun dried tomatoes, spinach and veg parmesan over capellini. Megan the Vegan gave me the idea for this, from one of her posts that I can't find now.

Black Bean, Corn and Spinach Verde Enchiladas. Mmmmmmm.

Mac-n-Cheeze, with way too much breadcrumb topping (I like the crunch). But my kids actually liked this one, minus the breadcrumb overload.

Chocolate Almond pudding with cookie crumbs in Fillo Cups. The kids ate these in about 2.7 seconds.

Wow, I just noticed that all of my food is brown, light brown or dark brown. I am pretty sure I had some green food last week, too.....

The hoola hoop show looks like a lot of fun! I love the curry flowers...they look so good! I saw them on Fueled By Popcorn’s blog and I will need to try them soon! And the fillo cups look great too...I love chocolate and almond together! Yummy!
All your food looks delicious! Your superbowl snack feast sounds like a blast, too. :)
ohh I have always wanted to go to a hoola hoop show! I am a HUGE Native American dance fan- of all kinds. Something about the drumming and the rhythm.
I must say you did do the super bowel right didn't you- belly ache and all. Good girl!
The hoopla show sounds neat. My sis in law has two adopted native american boys and belongs to a pow wow group near her. She has chaired the next event and asked if I would come help cook at it in March... Fry bread and several other way fattening foods.
Hi this is in regards to earlier post you had about a cake that would not come out of the pan. In case this happens again place the cake pan on top of a damp towel and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes. This helps loosen the cake but of course the pan should still be warm for this to work. If the pan has cooled then place on a burner until bottom is warm (no more than a minute). Then place on a hot damp towel.
I for one love all your beige dishes! and I'm so jealous of your 70-degree shorts-wearing temperatures! Grrr!
oh what a delightful post!
I've only been to a few pow wows or dance competitions, and i thought they were mesmerizing. I agree with MadeInAlaska about that rythmic beat...

Also I loved your funny words about the super bowl and your indulgent snacks. Sounds like you made some super tasty munchies.

I like your blog a lot :)
All that Super Bowl food sounds delicious--and okay to have once in a while! I'm quite interested in the buffalo seitan wings, actually--I will have to give that one a try soon. Your mac 'n cheeze looks just like my momma used to make (but without all the dairy, of course).
my oh my, this food looks so delicious! i'd like to try and make your buffalo seitan wings -- is there a recipe coming up? the hoops show looks awesome -- thanks for showing us some photos.
The hoola hoop show sounds like big fun!

i love your food in any color yum!!!
what a fantastic idea to use tofutti cream cheese for alfredo sauce! i can't wait to try it!
Hi! Did you register as SuperBrooke at Veggin Out? If so welcome...I PMed you! If not...we'd love to see you there!!!

I'm over at:
Everything looks awesome as normal. I'm going to have to hunt out those phyllo cups! It looks so much easier than the sheets.
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