Wednesday, May 02, 2007

School is kicking my booty!

I am in my third week of massage therapy school, which I love, but darn it...the hours suck! I go from 6:30pm to 10:30pm M-Th, so I don't get home until at least 11:00pm. And of course, I am hungry, so I eat a bowl of cereal, wind down and eventually find my way to bed. Then up at 6:00am to get the kidlings ready for school. By 8:00am I am crashed out on the couch trying to catch a few winks before I need to read a billion pages of my anatomy book or study body mechanics for my Massage I class. I am truly glad I don't have a regular day job or else I would be a huge train wreck. So needless to say, I have not been cooking, much less really eating. And now I am sick, sick, sick, Really sick. I know this is my body telling me I need to take better care of myself. I hope to get back on track as soon as I get over this wretched, debilitating cold, and start making meals that keep my immune system in check. I have eaten way too much cereal as meals lately....

So, anyhoo, here are a few backlogged pictures I just downloaded off of my camera. I honestly don't know how old they are, as I really have not taken any food pictures in a long time, but I figured they needed to be shared. And plus, this way I get to write a post about something so my three remaining readers don't think I am lying in a ditch somewhere.

Mac-n-Cheeze fresh from the oven. I honestly don't remember which recipe this was, but it was good. Oh yes, it was good.

Vanilla cake with strawberry sauce. Yet again, my brain has forgotten which recipe this was.

Jamaican black bean burgers with a kicky chipotle cilantro sauce (my brother-in-law made the sauce), and a side of Caribbean Sweet Potato salad. This salad rocks, with nummy sweet and russet taters with red onion, cucumber and corn swimming in a refreshing lime vinaigrette. I added a lot of extra lime juice, just because I am crazy like that. Both recipes from Vegetarian Planet by Didi Emmons.

My version of a garlic white pizza, with a sauce I made from melted FYH Mozzarella, a bunch of mashed roasted garlic and some unsweetened soymilk. Topped with spinach, baby bella mushrooms, more minced garlic and vegan parmesan.

Another shot of the mac-n-cheeze. Nice and creamy!

Fantastic Foods tofu scramble. I made this plain without added veggies, but with the next packet I am going to go crazy and throw in a bit of everything. I guess this product is discontinued now, but it looks like the company is trying to bring it back. Yay!

Wow, you've been busy! Bob is probably going to massage therapy school next year... sounds like I'll have to brace myself! I'm sorry you've gotten sick... Please take care of yourself! :) Drink ginger tea, in the meantime.

I love the shot of the white pizza. Looks delicious... I have been jonesin' for some pizza, and your photo may well have been the last straw!
Oh dear,
Sorry to hear that you are sick. Too bad. Please take care of yourself! Thanks so much posting, I love your blog - even if it's irregular!
Everything looks delicious - I especially like the looks of that burger plate. Mmmm...

Feel better soon!
Wow, you have been super busy! You are wearing yourself out…I hope you are feeling better soon. All your food looks delish. I love the vanilla cake with strawberry sauce. The sauce is such a vibrant colour! By the way my comment proves that you have more than 3 readers :)
now you have FIVE!

miss you!

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