Sunday, June 03, 2007

Artistic post ahead! (Not really)

So, no new camera yet. That means I have to be creative if I want post about my foodly expeditions. And yes, I have absolutely no talent when it comes to using my paint program on the computer. Did you know that I minored in Studio Art in college? Yeh, it doesn't show, does it?

Tonight I made a delicious pasta dish I thought I would attempt to recreate via the paint program. Pretty, no? It is a sun-dried tomato white sauce over ribbon pasta with sauteed baby bella mushrooms and crumbled tempeh bacon. It was really tasty and I so wish I had an actual picture to show you. *sigh* And that pink and purple bowl? I don't actually own a bowl like that, but hey, I was taking some artistic license with it.

I bought some beautiful rhubarb the other day, wanting to make something dessert-y with it. The cashier told me she just eats hers raw with some salt. Does anyone else eat it this way? I am not willing to try it that way just yet. I am a rhubarb coward. But anyhoo, I decided on making a strawberry rhubarb cobbler using one of the other fruit cobbler recipes in La Dolce Vegan, just subbing the different fruits. It is sitting on my counter just begging for me to dive into it...but my tummy is a tad too full just yet for some. I can also guarantee it will be fabulous based on how good it looks and smells. Here is my older daughter's rendition of the cobbler:I was told that the two white spots in the cobbler are sugar. She helped me make the cobbler and her big addition was sprinkling sugar on top of the cobbler right before baking.

Here is my younger daughter's rendition of her dinner, titled "Green Bean and Pasta, with Scribbles":
All this cuteness made your heart explode just a little, didn't it?

I almost had to stop reading - the cuteness was just TOO much and I was afraid my heart couldn't take much more. Seriously adorable. I'm certain the renditions capture the dishes far better than any photo. Your two daughters are quite talented.

Please post more frequently. I don't like it when you dissapear. :)
haha!! your post was definitely cute - it made me smile :) I look forward to more (and more frequent!) posts!

P.S. - that pasta dish sounds delicious
This is just too much cuteness! Love it! What a great way to have your food was presented! Your camera can wait.
Way cute! Reminds me of Moosewood sketches. You're one clever chica.
Very much cuteness! Who needs a camera? Tell your daughter the rhubarb dish looks delectable!
Yes, it did! I love it! I've never heard of eating raw rhubarb!
Aaaw...such an adorable post! And what a talented family!
Love it--very creative and colorful.
awwwwww. melted my heart. :) LOVE IT!
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