Friday, June 22, 2007

Mouse Takes Over The World...only after a quick nap.

I love it when I catch Mouse being cute:

I guess she loves this cookbook almost as much as I do, although I don't believe I have fallen asleep on it yet. There's still time, though.

'Smores Cupcakes:

I seriously need to stop eating cupcakes.

(and yes, our camera has decided to start working again, after a little bit of tweaking, but I am not holding my breath.)

I'm crossing my fingers that your camera will continue to work, so that you can post more often - keep 'em coming!! :0)

the cupcake looks divine - and your cat asleep on the cookbook is so cute, haha
Mouse really takes the (cup)cake for cuteness.
What a sweet pic of Mouse snuggling up with the guide to world domination!

I haven't tried the S'mores cupcakes yet, but they have always been high on my interest list. My, those look good. Glad the camera's working--for now...
veggiegirl here again - quick question: what brand are those graham crackers on the cupcakes? the only vegan graham crackers I have been able to find at the store are the Health Valley brand (they're good, but quite small, and the ones in your picture look full-size).
veggiegirl-I don't remember the brand, and the kids already ate the rest of the box, but I got them at Whole Foods. They weren't the tastiest graham crackers, though. Kinda dry and cardboardy. But paired with a ton of vanilla buttercream frosting and chocolate chips, they weren't too bad!
Nothing's better than a cute kitty & cupcakes. Too cute that Mouse is.
How cute is Mouse? Awwwwww.
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