Saturday, November 10, 2007

It'll be an Etsy Christmas this year!

I love Etsy. I've noticed another awesomely cool blogger loves Etsy too. Well, if you haven't checked out Etsy yet, you need to go there now and buy something immediately. Go. Now.

Buy whimsical. Buy handmade. Support artists. Spend some hard earned money.

You can check out what I like from Etsy on my sidebar. I have unusual tastes.

(my camera is still being flaky, so no new pictures of food, but I felt the need to post something relatively happy for a change. It feels good.)

Yep, I'm an etsy addict too. Already been doing lots of christmas shopping there this year. I love looking at others favorites, gonna go check yours out now!
Hope you're doing well...
don't worry, I am already smitten with Etsy - the sellers on that site are so talented!!

Hope all is well, Brooke! :0)
Yeh, Etsy is way cool. Thanks for reminding me to shop there for Christmas!
I want everything on etsy.
I love Etsy, too. Plus, I know some awesome people who sell on Etsy, and I'm all about supporting them. Parents who are trying to avoid "made in China" toys should look into it!
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