Sunday, May 20, 2007

One final post until I get a new camera...sigh!

Yes, my camera died. A slow and painfully horrible death. We buried it in the backyard beneath the ficus tree in hopes that it will spawn a few new baby digital cameras come springtime. Fingers crossed!

Here are the last food pictures I have on my memory card until our new camera arrives:

Now, I enjoy Amy's products immensely, but I have an issue with the Soy Cheeze pizza. Why did mine come out completely unattractive compared to the one on the box cover? My cheeze did not melt nicely! Or look even remotely appealing! I got this for my kids in hopes they will start liking soy cheeze more and finally let go of dairy cheese, but I don't think this product helped much. Crunchy cheeze did not go over well. Has anyone else had this problem, and if not, how did you get the cheeze to melt properly?

For my birthday (May 3), my sister sent me the cookbook that every other vegan already has....Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World! Finally, I get to experience the cupcake hysteria! So I promptly made Cookie's and Cream cupcakes (pictured), as well as Chocolate Mint cupcakes, followed by Vanilla with Lemon Cream Cheese frosting. Happiness in a cupcake liner!

Vegetable Masala burger from Trader Joe's, topped with a curry mayo sauce, spinach and sauteed mushrooms. Potato wedges, too! Such a unique tasting burger, and made without soy! The main ingredient is potatoes, along with green beans, bell peppers, onions, corn and green peppers. Cool, and my hubbie likes them too. Score!

One night after class I came home to a big bucket full of peaches on my counter, courtesy of my neighbor. These are homegrown, and they are tiny, sweet and juicy. I don't know if we can eat all of the before they go bad, but we will try....oh yes, we will try.

The last of my Fantastic Foods tofu scramble mix, with spinach, carrots, tempeh bacon and siracha sauce in a pita pocket from Trader Joe's, with a side of fresh blackberries. I seriously can't get enough of blackberries this time of year. Seriously.

School is going swimmingly (hi Robin!), and I am finally on track with eating well and sleeping better. I guess it just took some adjustments to get into the swing of things after being away from school for so long. If anyone needs a massage, just head my way. I need the practice!

I work in advertising and I'll tell you a secret. Most food photography you see contains many non-edible items. On that note, I'll bet that cheese is NOT vegan.

ANyway, at least it tastes food. I love those Masala Burgers...yowsa.
Happy Belated Birthday! I’ve tried Amy’s Rice Crust Spinach Pizza and although it tasted nice the cheese didn’t really melt properly either. As long as it tastes okay I guess it doesn’t matter :) I’d love a massage, but I think you might be a little too far away for me!
Hey! I live in AZ too. We should talk :]

I love those burgers from TJS. They are super yummy!
I checked Amy's website, and at the end of the ingredients list for Amy's Soy Cheeze Pizza, it says, "CONTAINS WHEAT, SOY AND **MILK PROTEIN." Also, the product does not have the vegan symbol on it (go to, and you'll see all the symbols they label under product descriptions); therefore, it's definitely not a vegan pizza. However, the roasted vegetable pizza (MY FAVORITE!!) and the new spinach rice crust pizza (which uses FYH cheese) ARE vegan. Give those a try!!
P.S. Happy belated birthday!! :)
Thanks for the info, veggiegirl. I knew that the soy cheeze pizza wasn't vegan, but I was hoping that the kids would slowly get used to the soy cheeze flavor if it melted nicely (which the milk protein is supposed to help with). My kids are vegetarian, but not totally vegan yet (except at school, because the school food is disgusting). I have tried the other pizzas on my own and I love them. I was just sad this one came out all funky! :-) And thanks for the birthday wishes!
Happy belated birthday! And I'm so sorry about your camera- boo. I am so psychologically dependent on mine- I would go insane. But maybe that means I already am insane!

I have never tried Amy's soy cheese pizza, but it's a bummer that yours did not come out well. I just recently tried their no cheese one, and it was magnificent! Fabulous flavor.

Oh my god, oh my god, if I had a fruit tree (or a neighbor with a fruit tree) I'd be in heaven. I'm so jealous of your peaches! You can always blanch, peel, and freeze the ones you don't use up, for futre use or smoothies. Yum.

See, those burgers are one reason I miss Trader Joe's so much. We don't have any for hundreds of miles, and I miss their large veggie burger collection (among other things.) Boooo... =(
With Amy's pizzas I've only done the No Cheese Pizza and the Rice Crust Spinach Pizza (non-dairy cheese).

However, I've noticed with the Rice Crust Spinach Pizza that I have to broil the pizza a lot longer than it says to have the cheese get nice and melty. After baking, I broil it in my toaster oven 'cause my oven doesn't have a broiler (due to a cheap landloard.)

Anyhow, the first time I made it following the directions exactly, it turned out like your picture and didn't taste remotely worth while. But I tried it again and the extra broiling of the cheese, made it better.

Personally, I like the No Cheese Pizza the best.
Happy Birthday! The cupcakes look great - you sure gave your new cookbook a workout!

I don't have TJ's either, so I've got to come up with a recipe for that burger! It sounds like heaven.

I dread the day my camera dies. My sympathies for yours.
I'm so envious of your peaches. I moved two years ago, and my new peach tree hasn't matured yet to yield a harvest. There's absolutely nothing like a tree-ripen peach freshly picked.
Happy birthday and congratulations on your new school. I'm sorry to hear the hours are kicking your butt but it won't last forever. I'm glad you reminded me of those mint cupcakes. I was recently reminded of how much I love mint and chocolate together and I had completely forgotten that recipe was in that book. I wish we'd get some peaches here in TN. I haven't had a truly good peach in a long time.
I've never tried Amy's pizza. Hmmm...not sure I want to buy that one. That burger sounds fantastic!
Cupcakes look killer too!
Ooooooo - I love love love the TJ's Masala burgers! Too bad about the pizza, if you're not worried about a little casien in the soy cheese, there are a lot of good (not vegan) soy cheeses that WILL melt (try the ones by Lisanetti - I think?) you'd just have to make your own pizza - which is time-consuming, but yummier anyway... (TJ's sells a great pizza crust)
Hi Brooke! Your cupcakes look so fancy & I'd like one. Happy, happy birthday & I hope you got a camera! What a kind neighbor to share those beauties - Whadya do with them? :o)
Ooh, the TJ burgers sound different--potatoes? Cool. I know that glue is often used in food photography to make things look creamier... that could be what the "cheese" actually is! You're probably better off with non-melty vegan cheese than glue that looks like cheese! LOL
PS--I meant to say congrats on VCTOTW! And your cookies and cream cupcakes are a verry honorable first recipe to make!
You're right Amy's Soy Cheese Pizza doesn't look like the over but I still think it tastes great for a lactose free pizza. I like burning it a little.
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